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Looking for sealcoating services in Lubbock, TX?

R.F. Bryer Paving & Construction can handle all of your asphalt, paving, and sealcoating needs. We are proud to serve residential and commercial Lubbock sealcoating customers. We are committed to delivering affordable sealcoating services that keep your asphalt investment protected. Each of our sealcoating services is performed by skilled technicians using only top-of-the-line sealcoating equipment and products to ensure long-lasting results.

What Does Sealcoating Do?

Our sealcoating services protect your asphalt investment from the elements. Sealcoating is a liquid-based material made up of sand, latex, fortifier, and asphalt emulsion. Applying sealcoating to your asphalt driveway and parking lots is pivotal to increasing the longevity of your asphalt. Sealcoating is the primary defense against weather, spills, and oxidation. The sealcoating we apply will keep your property safe by:

  • Increasing resistance to oil stains
  • Preventing surface damage from gasoline and other chemicals
  • Controlling dust on hard surfaces
  • Ensuring superior traction when it’s raining or snowing

Is Sealcoating Your Parking Lot Or Driveway Expensive?

Actually sealcoating your asphalt driveway and parking lot is affordable. In fact, sealcoating can extend the life of an asphalt surface by 10 years or more. If you sealcoat your asphalt twice a year. We offer all types of sealcoating services in Lubbock including sealcoating for commercial properties and residential situations alike. Our sealcoating service prices are competitively low when compared to other sealing companies in Lubbock, TX that may provide comparable seal coating services but not necessarily superior results from using top-of-the-line seal coating materials and equipment.

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How Long Does Sealcoating Last?

Sealcoating will usually last at least 2 years and most experts expect it to last 3 years or more. Sometimes sealcoating can last up to 5 years depending on the seal coating product used, seal coating application technique, seal coating thickness applied, and the quality of the underlying asphalt to which the sealcoating is applied. How thick is sealcoat? The sealer that we use typically ranges from 10-30 ma. Ma stands for mils which is a unit of measurement for describing the thickness of a liquid or sealant. Our technicians have been trained to apply sealer in multiple thin layers for maximum effect while saving customers money on each application.

Is Sealcoating Useful In Covering Or Filling Cracks In Asphalt?

Although sealcoating is very helpful in sealing the surface and protecting it from the elements such as UV light, salts, and oils, it is not something typically used for filling cracks in asphalt surfaces. Cracks allow water to seep underneath sealer and asphalt, which leads to the deterioration of the sealer and asphalt over time. Before sealcoating we will seal these cracks. This, then, will provide protection to your asphalt against any future damage or decay.

Our sealcoating technicians apply seal coating liquid directly onto the surface of an asphalt drive or parking lot using a commercial-grade spray gun nozzle at approximately 30 psi. The sealer liquid is sprayed into one wet coat that usually penetrates just under 1/8″ deep into the surface – this cures within minutes leaving you with a pure black seal coating that looks great! This process requires professional sealcoating equipment.

Our sealcoating services are perfect for individuals who want to protect their asphalt investment but don’t have the time or money to constantly reapply sealer. For example, sealcoating is often used by commercial property owners or apartment complexes that wish to sealcoat once or twice a year at an affordable price.

Sealcoating Services We Provide Lubbock & Surrounding Areas

  • Residential Seal Coating – Driveway/parking lot seal coating
  • Commercial Seal Coating – Apartment complex seal coating, asphalt surface sealcoating , parking garage sealcoating
  • Industrial Properties – Manufacturing facilities, warehouses, businesses
  • Government Buildings – Municipalities

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